Introducing the VTEK300 Chess Clock


Raising the Bar


Finally, an advanced chess clock that’s easy to use.

Taking the chess world to the next level.

About the VTEK300

A clock with easy to use features chess players and officials want

♞ Large, crisp LCD display for easy reading of digits and text

♞ A new standard in functionality and simplicity of use

♞ Easy to navigate library of predefined time controls, categorized by game type or tournament

♞ Effortless access to a list of favorites or recently played time controls

♞ Supports USCF and FIDE standards


A clock that raises the bar in delivering capabilities previously not available

♞ Protects game integrity by allowing confirmation of proper time control settings prior to start and anytime during the game

♞ Records and logs any time modifications during the match to protect game integrity

♞ Shows play status through a multi-color LED indicator

♞ Stores last game clock status to assist with dispute resolution


A clock that is durable and convenient

♞ Customer friendly technical support, ready to help

♞ Long battery life, using standard AA batteries

♞ Rugged construction with a strong aluminum case

♞ Made in the USA

VisualTek is accepting applications for a short period of time from persons interested in participating in this early support program. Those selected will be able to purchase one clock at $149, plus tax (if applicable) and shipping. Program members will receive a uniquely marked inaugural VTEK300 clock, a special update offer, recognition for participating in the early support program and access to future special offers, subject to program terms and conditions.

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